Quickies-Ridiculously Quick Fast Food Delivery.



Quickies drivers deliver food from a restaurant, *convenience store, or grocery store or other quick pick up in in the location area. For all locations in the area the flat fee is $10 (gratuity to the driver is appreciated and anticipated as the fee simply covers minimum wage for time and fuel/vehicle expenses) There are some restaurants who partner with us and offer reduced fees in a limited area.

*Any convenience stops over 10 items, excessively large orders, or delivery of non-restaurant or non-convenience store items, must be pre-approved, and may be subject to an additional charge or agreed rate.

*The delivery drivers accept cash, card, PayPal, and CashApp. If you are paying us for the entire order over $50 along with the delivery fee and tip, there may be processing fees.



Simply place the pick up order, under your name, for your food or order with the desired location for the driver to pick up, then call/text us at 920-707-0952 to set up the delivery and a subcontracted delivery driver will be sent on your delivery. Then pay your driver directly for his/her service including fees, purchases, and tip.

 Some local restaurants (including Victoria's in Appleton 730-9595) use our service. Just ask them when you place the order if you can get a Quickies delivery and they will take care of getting your info, applying delivery fee with the payment, and contacting us to send a driver.

These restaurants that work with Quickies offer delivery at the best rates.  Just ask any restaurant you call if they work with Quickies and can send a Quickies driver.

If they don't use our service, simply place a pick up under your name and then call us. 920-707-0952

We can also take orders (preferable via text) for all of orders, fast food or quick convenience stops.


Example 1:


Pick up order under name 

Jane McCustomer (Paid For)

Ready in 25 minutes

Deliver to 123 Fake St, Appleton



Example 2:


3 Cheese Burgers only ketchup

1 Small Fry

234 Makebelieve Ln, Appleton




From Quicky Mart

3 20oz Bottles of Coke

1 Small Bag of Cheetos Puffs

1 King Size Snickers 

420 Dream St Kaukauna



During regular hours all calls and messages get forwarded to the next available local subcontracted driver, so expect a reply as soon as that driver is able to answer the call or message. Always be sure you have gotten a reply before we close… if you don't get a reply in 5 minutes call again.

Our regular hours are 11am-8pm 



We accept cash or credit, PayPal or Cash App upon delivery. 

If you are paying credit we ask to try to pay for the food directly to the establishment you are ordering the food from. This may save you credit card transaction fees which may be applied.

If you are unable to pay the establishment directly or need to pay cash for your order, arrangements need to be discussed with the driver to ensure they can cover the cost of your order.

The best way to place a delivery is to call or text the phone number 920-707-0952. 

Texting or leaving a voice message should always get a reply; if no reply within 5 minutes of a text or voice message please call the number again for assistance.

Message us on Facebook if you have after hour questions. 

If you ever wait too long for a reply to messages, texts, voicemail, or email, please call Quickies to get help ASAP.

Use our contact page to find the phone numbers, Facebook Business page, and other contact info for your location. 


Currently Available:

Quickies Fox Cities (Appleton, WI)





Quickies main phone number 920-707-0952

E-mail Quickies@new.rr.com

For all questions

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